Psychology 199 A & B: Directed Independent Research in Psychology

Course Description

Psychology 199 is a special studies course created to offer self-initiating students the opportunity to design and conduct their own independent research. This is done under the direction of a sponsor who must be a regular faculty member in the Psychology Department. Throughout the quarter, students enrolled in Psych 199 work closely with a faculty sponsor who guides them through the various phases of the students’ research. At the end of the quarter, students must submit a final version of their research paper to their faculty sponsor.

Psych 199 is not intended as a Research Assistant position in which a student simply aids professors or graduate students in their research. Students interested in working as Research Assistants should enroll in Psych 196A instead.

Course Deadlines:

Course Contracts and Learning Contracts (see enrollment instructions below) must be submitted to the Psychology Advising Office via Message Center on MyUCLA by Friday, June 28th at 11:59pm for Summer Session A 2024 in order to be enrolled in the course. Course Contracts and Learning Contracts submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed.

Please note that enrollment in your contract course may take up to 10 business days. All contracts submitted by the deadline will be processed by the end of Week 2, pending there are no issues with your course contract. Do not send multiple messages to the Psychology Undergraduate Advising office checking in on the progress of your course contract, as this slows down processing for all students.


Regulations Concerning Psych 199


Student and Faculty Sponsor’s Responsibilities

The faculty sponsor will specify the work that will be involved for credit and the date the final version of the research paper should be submitted to him or her. The faculty sponsor will receive a grade roster at the end of the quarter and assign the final grade.

The last day to submit your contract for enrollment to Psych Advising Office is Friday of Week 1.

The last day to submit the research paper to your Faculty Sponsor is Friday of Finals Week.