Grading and Instruction Policy

Grading Policy

Note that all pre-major, major, minor, and specialization coursework must be taken for a letter grade. All temporary Pass/No Pass policies that were in effect between Spring 2020 and Summer 2021 are no longer in effect and the Psychology Department has returned to standard grading policies. Courses taken for a Pass grade from Spring 2020 through Summer 2021 will satisfy pre-major, major, minor, and specialization requirements. Please run your Degree Audit Report via MyUCLA and ensure you are taking your major/minor courses for a letter grade.

As a reminder, you have until Friday of Week 6 to change the grading detail back to a letter grade if you had it set for Pass/No Pass. After this deadline, you will have to complete the College’s grading basis petition.

Instruction Policy

It is the policy of the University (and the Psychology Department) that course instructors have the autonomy to design course content, policies, and methods of assessment. Students are responsible for reviewing the syllabus for assessment/policies for an individual course.

It is up to the instructors to decide on methods of evaluation (e.g., exam formats, policies for late work, attendance and participation requirements). When students enroll in a course, they are agreeing to the policies and assessments outlined on the syllabus.

Knowledge that another instructor teaches their class in a different way is not reasonable grounds for dispute. Disrespectful language or behavior toward course instructors and teaching assistants regarding grading or evaluation of coursework may represent a violation of the Student Code of Conduct (section 102.01f).