Psychology Fieldwork Courses

Psychology 195A: Fieldwork in Psychology
Serve as a paid or non-paid intern in a community setting that has a psychological orientation.

Psychology 195B: Fieldwork in Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science majors only: Serve as a paid or non-paid intern in a fieldwork setting in the area of Cognitive Science.

Psychology Course Assistantship

Psychology 192: Educational Practices in Psychology
Assist Psychology Department faculty by serving as a course assistant for a Psychology course you have previously taken for credit.

Other Fieldwork Opportunities

UCLA Career Center Services
Offers internships in a wide variety of career fields including law, business, finance, media, entertainment, public relations, engineering, science, marketing, sales, the arts, education, public affairs, social services, government, etc.

UCLA Center for Community Engagement
Offers a wide variety of opportunities for students, ranging from internships to teaching your own peers.