Undergraduate Commencement Celebration

The 2021 Psychology Undergraduate Virtual Commencement Ceremony is now available for viewing! 

Access our virtual celebration website.

Psychology, Psychobiology, and Cognitive Science Majors

Congratulations on your imminent graduation! We want you to be able to share this wonderful event with your friends and family, and for the day to run smoothly. The following should answer most of the questions you might have about graduation day, so please read the information below carefully.

What’s the difference between “graduating” and “walking through commencement ceremonies”?Students can graduate (that is, have completed all requirements for their degree and have stopped taking classes) during any quarter of the year. Then, several months after they have declared their degree expected term (through MyUCLA), they will be issued a diploma from UCLA. Commencement ceremonies, however, occur only once per year and you are invited to walk through these ceremonies whether or not you are actually graduating in Spring Quarter (see below for details). This is the time for you to be publicly recognized by the university and your friends and family for your scholastic achievements. Participating in any commencement activities does NOT guarantee that you will actually earn a degree. You should consult a UCLA college and or departmental counselor for detailed information on satisfying degree requirements.
Where can I get info on the College of Letters and Science Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony?For information regarding the Letters & Science Ceremony, please visit www.college.ucla.edu/commencement/help/contact.  The Letters & Science Graduation Ceremony has different regulations from the Psychology Undergraduate Celebration as to who can attend, and how many guests you can invite. Please contact Letters & Science for details on the Letters & Science Graduation Ceremony. Please read below for details on the Psychology Celebration.
When and where and how long is the Psychology Undergraduate Commencement Celebration?The undergraduate ceremony will be held virtually this year. Eligible students will receive information regarding how to participate, if they wish to do so.
Who may participate in the celebration?Psychology, Psychobiology, and Cognitive Science majors who graduated in Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, and degree candidates for Spring and Summer 2021 may participate.
How can I apply to be the Undergraduate Student Speaker?To be eligible, you must be a declared Psychology, Psychobiology, or Cognitive Science major that graduated Fall 2020 or Winter 2021, or a degree candidate that will be graduating Spring or Summer 2021. Your DAR will be checked for verification. Commencement Speaker Application
When will I receive information about the celebration?At the beginning of May, information regarding the Psychology Department Celebration will be emailed to all students who currently receive information from the Psychology Department listserv.
Do I need tickets to bring guests to the celebration?No tickets are required as the ceremony will be held virtually.
How do I purchase my cap and gown?Graduation Etc. will begin taking orders for caps & gowns, announcements, diploma plaques and frames, Alumni Association memberships, and graduation gifts. Visit them online at www.uclastore.com.
Where can I find other commencement information, e.g., directions to UCLA, campus maps, hotels, etc.?Check out the UCLA Commencement Website at www.commencement.ucla.edu