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Research in Psychology

To recruit undergraduates to serve as (unpaid) research assistants, please submit the Description of Research Position form below. Your approved project will then be added to the online internship placement listings.

Psychology 196A (Research Assistantship) course offers undergraduate students the opportunity to assist regular faculty members in the Psychology Department who are conducting research in the field of psychology, and receive 4 units of upper division P/NP course credits. This research course is often taken in preparation for Psych 199 (Directed Individual Research).

To enroll, students must create and complete a Psych 196A Contract through and submit it to Psych Advising Office by Friday of Week 1. Students are required to work a minimum of 7 hours per week for the 10-week quarter (Summer students are required to work a minimum of 72 hours over the 6-week session) and attend a one-hour weekly seminar, arranged by the faculty sponsor. A five to eight page typed research paper with three references is also required. Note that 12 units total of Psych Research and/or Fieldwork can be taken for credit.

Please contact the Psychology Advising Office at if you are interested in adding your internship or research placement on the UCLA Psychology Department website.

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