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Submissions for this form are closed.

Application for Admission to the Psychology ADP Minor

Feel free to review the information below to get a sense of past application procedures, however we are not yet accepting applications for upcoming (2021) cohorts. The process and application itself are likely to undergo revisions before admissions begin again.


  • You are welcome to submit your materials anytime until the deadline. 
  • We will contact you to confirm receipt of your application.
  • You may also be asked to sign up for a 1-hour group interview. It is vital that you respond as soon as possible if invited to interview.
  • Applicants will be informed of decisions within 5 weeks of the application deadline.


  • There are 4 parts of the application.
    1. 1 academic- or employment-related recommendation from any supervisor or instructor who knows you well and can speak to your strengths, skills and potential. Your recommender can be from outside UCLA (but should not be a member of your family). Please plan ahead to allow time for your recommender to complete this form and return it to you for inclusion in your application.  
      1. Use form provided and provide recommender with a blank envelope.
      2. Submit your recommendation in hard copy, sealed in an envelope with the recommender's signature across the seal, to the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office (now in the Life Sciences Building) by the application deadline.
    2. Part 1 of the application: Type responses into the web-based application form below (scroll down this page; NOTE: Form currently undergoing updates; thank you for your patience! We will make it available again soon. Meanwhile, you are welcome to work on Part 2 of the application and provide your form to your recommender [see above]). At the bottom of the form, you will be asked to upload parts 3 and 4, the following two files:
    3. A complete copy of your UCLA Degree Progress Report or Degree Audit Report.
      1. There is no need for an official Registrar-issued transcript.
      2. Pre-UCLA transcripts (e.g., community college) are not required.
      3. Save the DPR/DAR in PDF or Word format and upload it to the web-based application form.
    4. A complete Part 2 of the application, with answers to the short questions and essay question, saved in PDF or Word format and uploaded to this web-based application form. 
  • NOTE: You are also welcome to provide (in "Part 1" web form, below) the name of a current or past ADP student who knows you well and whom you would like us to contact for a brief reference on your behalf.
    • The ADP reference must have already completed at least one full quarter of the ADP sequence (Internship + Psychology 134A).
    • You can name maximum one current or past ADP student to provide a referral for you, even if there are multiple ADP students/grads whom you might want us to contact.
    • Of course, a referral by a current or past ADP student is in no way a guarantee of admission, nor is it required for either the applicant or the ADP student to participate in this process. 

Please ensure all parts of your application are complete and submitted on time. We cannot review incomplete applications.