PROPS Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is on the selection committee for PROPS?

The selection committee includes the faculty sponsor for the program, the program coordinator and the graduate student mentor.

How many students are selected to participate?

Since we have limited resources and funding, we typically accept about twenty students per year to the program. This small number allows us to interact closely with each student and to offer guidance.  

Will I earn units for participation?

Yes, you will earn 2 upper-division units in each quarter of the program.

How much is the stipend?

The stipend is typically about $2,500 for 2 quarters of participation, but may change depending on funding sources.

Will the stipend affect my financial aid?

Possibly. Please consult with your Financial Aid Counselor to find out what, if any, impact the stipend may have on your financial aid package.

What are the requirements of the program?

Students are required to commit to PROPS for two quarters, Winter and Spring. In addition to conducting research in a Psychology laboratory for 10 hours a week, students are also required to attend weekly seminars on Wednesdays from 10:00am-11:30am in both Winter and Spring 2024. A research poster, verbal presentation, and a final research paper on the student’s research project are all required. Other assignments are required as well and will be detailed in the syllabus. Please note that funding is contingent on completion of all requirements for the program, including seminar attendance.

Will there be opportunities to present my research?

Yes! We encourage all students to participate in local undergraduate research conferences. All students will present their research in poster format, a talk, and a research paper at the end of Spring quarter.

Will the seminar time ever change?

No. Students are only eligible for the program if they can commit to the seminars for both winter and spring quarters.

Can I work with a faculty sponsor outside of the Psychology Department?

No. The program is designed to help students develop research skills in Psychology.