PROPS Student Comments

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What previous PROPS scholars have to say about the program:

“I am truly so grateful for the experience that I had in PROPS. I learned so much and gained so many important skills that I will value for the rest of my life. I also gained so much more confidence in myself and my abilities, and I feel much more prepared for my final year at UCLA and beyond.

“I absolutely loved being a PROPS student. I feel it has been the best thing that I have been involved in during my whole academic career. It launches students into the graduate school process and motivates them while at the same time giving the information necessary to undertake the process.”

“PROPS has been one of my biggest support systems in continuing my academic career and has provided me with many of the tools and opportunities to do so. I feel that PROPS is a great program that really tailors to the students needs and puts every effort in to helping us get the most out of the program. The speakers were very informative and my research experience has been phenomenal.”

“I feel that PROPS has really helped me in my graduate school process- from the application process to experiencing the research work. As a whole, the program is great and I highly recommend it.”

“The component that benefited me the most was working with my mentor. It was great research experience and a wonderful opportunity to obtain close relationships with faculty.”

“I feel like I can make a much more informed decision about graduate school, and I feel much more comfortable with the application process. But I think the greatest benefit was just getting a better sense about what grad school is really like, and the different paths that give you different opportunities.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to get involved in research but cannot afford to not work. The stipend allows a more comfortable situation and more time to work on something of interest to you.”

“I think that it is a wonderful program – it really allows you to see the variety of careers that psychology can offer. I learned so much about preparing for grad school – CVs, statements, researching programs, etc.”