Psychology Research Opportunity Programs (PROPS)

UCLA Department of Psychology

Please review all questions prior to beginning the application as there are several open-ended questions that you may want to prepare in advance for.  Please keep in mind that you will have to complete the application in one sitting as you will not have the ability to save in-progress work or make updates once you submit. 

Complete applications are due by 12pm on Tuesday, October 27.  Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted or reviewed. 

If you have any questions about the application process, please email us at

A. Personal Information

Contact Information

For more information, please see definitions for racial and ethnic categories provided by NIH.
Please specify your ethnicity:
If yes, please explain:
Required for administrative purposes only. Information will not be considered in selection decisions.
If your status is F1 Visa, please note country of citizenship. If your status is non-resident or other, please explain:

B. Academic Information

If other, please specify:
GPA and grades
Do not include prep for major courses.
When do you expect to graduate?

C. Financial Information

If yes, please check all that apply:

D. Research

Please indicate Faculty Sponsor, title of project, and quarters worked in lab:
If other, please specify:
Please indicate name of the program:

List three Psychology faculty members with whom you would like to conduct research with and why. You may check the Psychology Department website to find a list of faculty and their area of interest. If you are already working with a Psychology Faculty member and would like to continue in their lab, please specify. 

E. Short Answer Questions

Please feel free to describe some of the specific skills you wish to improve.
Are there life circumstances, such as work, health, family obligations, current COVID-19 related issues, etc., that you would like the selection committee to consider in your application?