Admissions & Transfer Credit

Admission to UCLA

Freshman and Transfer Admission to UCLA is handled solely by the Office of Undergraduate Admission and all inquiries should be directed there, not individual departments. Once you have been accepted to UCLA, you may then meet with a departmental counselor.

At any time in your application process, you may check course requirements for our majors at the Majors, Minors, & Specialization link. Transfer students, or UCLA students who wish to take courses at a Community College over a summer, may also check course equivalents between UCLA and many Community Colleges via or Transferology.

Transfer Students Admitted to UCLA

  • Note that your grades will not transfer to UCLA except for coursework completed at another University of California campus. Because of this, most transfer students will have to establish a new GPA once they arrive at UCLA. The minimum GPA requirements from the preparation courses (these vary for the different majors, Psychology, Psychobiology, and Cognitive Science) can only be obtained from the classes you take at the University of California.
  • For your first quarter at UCLA, we recommend that you only take no more than thirteen units, unless you are familiar with the ten-week quarter system.
  • Check your Degree Audit Report (DAR) regularly to determine how you are progressing towards the completion of major and college requirements. You may access your DAR via MyUCLA.
  • For Psychology Majors only: Courses taken at a 4 year institution that post to your DAR as upper division Psychology will automatically be used to fulfill major elective credit. For Psychology, Psychobiology, and Cognitive Science Majors: If you take a course that you would like to petition for a specific course requirement for your major, e.g., Psych 135, etc., you must, after the course appears on your DAR, contact the Undergraduate Advising Office via Message Center on myUCLA to inquire about the Departmental Review Petition process. If approved, Psychology Counselors will be able to apply the course to the major section of your DAR.
  • ONLY upper division courses taken at other 4 year institutions can be petitioned toward upper division requirements for our majors. This includes PSYCH 100A and 100B. Any coursework taken at a junior or community college is classified as lower division credit and will not be accepted toward an upper division major requirement at UCLA.
  • Please consult a Letters and Science Counselor, A316 Murphy, for issues regarding General Education requirements, or anything outside of major requirements. Please consult an Academic Counselor in the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office if you notice any discrepancies on your DAR regarding your major requirements. You are advised to meet with a departmental counselor at least once a year, preferably more often, to review your progress in the major.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit for Preparation Courses

Students who have AP Credit may be able to waive out of certain preparation courses for their major. AP credit appearing on their DAR as an equivalent course (e.g., Life Sci 15, Math 31A) will automatically be used to waive that prep course. For AP credit not appearing as an equivalent course, students will have to contact the Undergraduate Advising Office to petition to waive the prep. More information on AP credit can be found at

AP Exam Score Credit Towards Preps
Biology 3-5 Will satisfy the biology requirement for Psychology and Cognitive Science
Chemistry 3-5 Will satisfy the chemistry requirement for Psychology and Cognitive Science
Math: Calculus AB 3-4 Will satisfy the math requirement for Psychology
5 Will satisfy Math 31A for Psychobiology and Cognitive Science
Math:Calculus BC 3 Will satisfy the math requirement for Psychology
4 Will satisfy Math 31A
Will satisfy Math 31A and 31B for Psychobiology and Cognitive Science
Physics 1 3-5 Will satisfy the physics requirement for Psychology and Cognitive Science
Physics 2 3-5 Will satisfy the physics requirement for Psychology and Cognitive Science
Physics B 3-5 Will satisfy the physics requirement for Psychology and Cognitive Science
Physics C 3-5 Will satisfy the physics requirement for Psychology and Cognitive Science
Psychology 3 No application for Psychology
4-5 Will satisfy Psychology 10
Statistics 3-5
Will satisfy the math requirement for Psychology
3-5 Will satisfy the statistics requirement for Psychobiology students who are pursuing the Life Sciences 30A & 30B & Statistics math requirement option

UCLA Students Taking Courses Elsewhere

SchoolCourse CreditUnit CreditGrade Transfer
UCLA Summer SchoolYesYesYes
Other UCYesYesYes
UCLA Extension XLCYesYesYes
UCLA Extension X, XL (1-199)YesYesNo
Non-UC 4-Year InstitutionYesYesNo
Community CollegeYesUnder 105 units: Yes
105 units and above: No

Transcripts should be sent to:

UCLA Undergraduate Admissions 
1147 Murphy Hall
Box 951436
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436

  • Concurrent enrollment during the regular academic year is not permitted; that is, you cannot take courses at another institution while attending UCLA during Fall, Winter, or Spring quarters.
  • Note that once you have accumulated 105 units, you will not earn unit credit for courses taken at a community college. Such courses, however, can be used to fulfill course requirements. Unit credit will still be earned for courses taken at another four-year institution, however, grades will not transfer unless taken through University of California.
  • Check with the College of Letters and Science (A316 Murphy Hall) to determine whether or not you will meet senior residency requirements.
  • Once you have completed your summer work at another institution, have a transcript mailed to UCLA’s Undergraduate Admissions Office, 1147 Murphy Hall. Note that transfer credit is not approved in advance. Admissions will only evaluate non-UCLA coursework after courses have been completed and they have received an official transcript with final grades. Once your transfer work appears on your DAR, check your DAR to see whether further College or Departmental petitioning needs to be done.
  • Coursework done at UCLA Summer School will automatically appear on your DAR. For coursework done at any other institution, you must request that the institution, including UCLA Extension, attended send an official transcript to Admissions.
  • You may not take courses that repeat material you have already completed. If you are attempting to repeat a course because you received a grade of C- or below at UCLA, you may only do so if the grade transfers (see chart above).