Enrollment Information

The Spring 2023 Schedule of Classes is now available. Please note that first pass appointments begin February 16, while second pass appointments begin February 23. Enrollment appointments are based on class standing and are scheduled by the UCLA Registrar. Please make sure to check and double check your enrollment appointments through MyUCLA.

Please set a reminder for when your enrollment passes open. If you miss your first pass enrollment, you will have to wait until your second pass to enroll in courses.

Psychology Undergraduate Advisors are available to assist both virtually and in-person. To request advising, simply submit your request via Message Center on myUCLA. Please include any specific questions you might have, and we will get back to you in approximately 3-5 business days (not including weekends and holidays). Note that advising is extremely busy during enrollment! Please be patient and know that your advisors are working extremely hard to support you and your peers during this time.  Thank you for your understanding!

Important Notes About Enrollment

  1. Please remember that enrollment for Psychology Department courses is restricted based on your major and class standing! We do not make exceptions to these enrollment restrictions.
  2. If you have pre-major standing, you may need to wait until second pass to enroll in some Psychology upper division courses. If a class requires major standing to enroll, you cannot bypass this restriction.
  3. If you are completing your last preparation courses in Winter 2023 to declare major standing, note that you cannot petition to declare the major until all prep grades have posted to your Degree Audit Report. No exceptions are made to this policy.
  4. Psych 100A is not an enforced prerequisite for upper division Psychology courses other than Psych 100B, so you may enroll in Psych upper division courses prior to completing Psych 100A.
  5. The Psychology Department does not utilize PTE numbers under any circumstances. Instructors also do not have any PTE numbers for Psychology courses.
  6. Please be aware that it is a student’s responsibility to resolve any class or exam time conflicts on their study lists.

If you find yourself unable to enroll in a course, please check the class notes on the Schedule of Classes. The notes are unique for each class, so check each course for more information. An example is included below:

Other Questions

For more information on enrollment policies, please review the department’s Frequently Asked Questions and the College’s enrollment tips.

Please review the requirements for the major and run a new Degree Audit Report to verify which major requirements still need to be satisfied.