Frequently Asked Questions

About Psychology Advising

How do I schedule an appointment?

The Advising Office is offering remote and in-person advising services by appointment only. Please contact our office via Message Center on myUCLA with any student advising questions and to schedule advising appointments with our advisors. Please include your full name and UID in all messages.

About Course Enrollment

How are enrollment appointments assigned?

Students are given appointment times by the Registrar based on the number of units they have. The department does not have any control over the assignment of enrollment times.

How do I know which Psych classes I’m eligible to enroll in?

In the Schedule of Classes, read the “Class Notes” option listed with each course under the Info button. It will outline several details including who can enroll and when. This is also visible when viewing courses on the Class Planner.

What is the difference between a prerequisite and an enrollment restriction?

The prerequisites listed with certain UCLA courses are suggested courses that should be taken before enrolling in that particular course. You should adhere to these guidelines if you plan to do well in the course. MyUCLA does not necessarily bar you from a class because a prerequisite has not been met.

An Enforced Requisite means that you cannot enroll in a course without having taken the prerequisite.

An Enrollment Restriction is based on class standing and major standing. An example would be a course that is restricted during the first pass to Seniors with Psychology and Psychobiology standing only.

Why does the Psych Dept. restrict many of their upper division courses?

Space is limited. Our priority is to get as many of the graduating, or near-graduating students into the core and lab courses first, allowing other students to enroll later if space permits.

What if the classes I want are full?

You will need to keep your eye on the enrollment shown on myUCLA or the Schedule of Classes. If it opens, enroll yourself. If it doesn’t open, you won’t be able to take that class during that term.

Why doesn’t the Psych Dept give out PTE numbers for closed classes?

The Department of Psychology has over 4,500 major students, many of whom have the same needs and concerns. Our department relies on myUCLA to keep students in order, ensuring that enrollment is kept fair and on a first come, first serve basis. A PTE overrides this system. We will not issue a PTE number to override what we rely on myUCLA to do for us.

I need to take a class, but I’m not eligible to enroll yet… but I fear that it will close before I can get it. Can the Psych Advisors make an exception?

No, we don’t make exceptions to our rules. If you aren’t yet eligible to enroll in a class, you’ll need to wait until you are. If you miss out on a course, you’ll have to take it during a different quarter. It is your responsibility to properly plan your schedule to ensure timely graduation. However, several problems can be avoided if you meet with an advisor early on.

About The Psychology Majors

What is the purpose of the pre-majors?

Psych students must complete all preparation courses before declaring their Psychology, Psychobiology, or Cognitive Science majors. Pre-major status means that you have demonstrated the ability to pursue a Psych Dept. major. Pre-major status is required for enrollment in Psychology 100A and 100B.

How do I become a pre-major?

As a student who entered as a freshman, you will need to contact our office via Message Center on myUCLA to request a pre-major change petition if you’ve completed a prep course to establish a prep GPA, or to consult with an advisor about your eligibility. Please include your full name and UID in all emails.

As a transfer student, you should have been admitted as a pre-psychology, pre-psychobiology, or pre-cognitive science major. If you were not, you are not eligible to pursue these majors at UCLA, which is set by UCLA Admissions. There are no exceptions to this rule.

How do I switch from pre-major standing to major standing?

Once you have completed all of your prep courses with the required grades, you must fill out a petition with the Psych Advising Office to declare the major by contacting our office via Message Center on myUCLA. Pre-Psychology majors who entered as freshmen must complete the online application to apply for major standing.

How will I know if my petition has been approved?

The results of all petitions are communicated through MyUCLA. After logging on, please select the “Petitions” link under the “Academics” tab to view all of your UCLA petitions and their results.

I was approved but, MyUCLA still says “Pre-Psych.” Why?

Your MyUCLA front page updates only once a quarter. The major listed on your DAR is the one that you are declared. If it’s wrong, please message the Psych Advising Office to inquire about this.

Who is my “College Counselor?”

If you are in College Honors, the Academic Advancement Program (AAP), or UCLA Athletics, you have been assigned a special counseling unit to advise your special needs. If you are not part of one of these groups, your College Counseling Unit is College Academic Counseling (CAC), located in A316 Murphy Hall.

Can I talk to the professor about getting into the course? Will he/she make an exception?

Psych professors work closely with our staff when creating the enrollment cap for their courses. They too, rely on myUCLA to do its job, letting in the students with the highest needs first. Professors do not make the decisions on which students can be added into their classes. Professors simply tell our staff to let in the students on the wait list and close the class. In some cases, when space permits, a professor will allow the enrollment cap to increase. They usually announce this possibility during the first class. The professors prefer that we, the advisors, explain enrollment policies to ensure that they are properly communicated.

I’m a Psychobiology major (or pre-major) and the requirement worksheet says I can take courses in other departments to fulfill my elective requirements, but I can’t get into a class on the list because the other department won’t let me. Why is this?

Each department governs the enrollment of its own courses. The courses listed on the major sheets are courses that are accepted for Psychobiology electives, but this does not ensure that these classes will be offered when you want or need them. It also doesn’t guarantee that that particular department will have room to accommodate your enrollment. If you are concerned about enrollment in a course outside of the Psych Department, you will need to speak with an advisor in that course’s department to discuss their enrollment restrictions.