Help for New Students

We know that many of you are anxious to get your questions answered. And you are right if you think now is a good time to learn about UCLA policies, services, opportunities, and resources. So while you are eagerly waiting for the fall quarter, we suggest you spend some time learning the UCLA basics. These are our summer recommendations for preparing for UCLA.

Suggestion #1: In the UCLA General Catalog, read through the beginning sections. You can find a PDF version on the left-hand side.The first 50 pages of the PDF are full of information about fees, enrollment, policies, procedures, deadlines, and changes to the University.

Suggestion #2: Review the Schedule of Classes for Fall. 

Suggestion #3: Familiarize yourself with myUCLA. You will use it for enrollment, declaring your Degree Expected Term, reviewing your Degree Audit Report (DARS), paying your monthly bill, reviewing your Financial Aid information, and updating your official contact information. The menu on the homepage is very useful.

Suggestion #4: Log on to myUCLA using your logon and password. Explore the many tools provided to you on this site including your new e-mail account. As you scroll down the left side menu you will see a long list of links to various campus sites that will be useful during your time at UCLA. In the middle section you’ll see a headline that reads”myUCLA Features.” This section includes numerous tools that can be customized to your own needs. Play around here and make them your own. Two that you must take notice of now are the “Petitions” link and the “Workshops” link. The myUCLA message board system, an often overlooked feature, allows students to network with each other. Students are exchanging enrollment advice, posting roommate searches, offering tutoring services, looking for study groups, selling used textbooks, and more.

Suggestion #5: Bookmark the Psychology website: It contains a lot of useful information about resources, research, student groups, special programs and events, and the major and minor requirements.

Suggestion #6: All UCLA students should take a UCLA tour, regardless of how familiar they are with the campus. The tour guides will do more than tell you how to get to class. If you have not already taken a tour, consider doing it this summer. Tours are not included in your Orientation and you will not have time to squeeze one in on that day. We recommend doing it the day before or after your Orientation. If you cannot do it during the summer, take one during the first week of classes.

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