ADP Internship Requirements

ADP Collage

Permission to enroll in the ADP internship is granted ONLY through application and admission to the ADP minor.

Each student in the ADP minor completes an internship (at least 86 hours per quarter) at one of several UCLA childcare centers accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Therein, students observe child development in action as they assist hands-on in the daily care of young children. Placements are determined by program needs, classroom availability and our commitment to developing breadth as well as depth in students’ experience. Students benefit from individualized mentorship by an on-site experienced early childhood educator for all three quarters of their ADP internship.

The ADP coursework and internship are closely integrated, enabling students to learn as they teach and to strengthen their own development while providing a valuable service to the community. Psychology 134A/134D, 134B/134E and 134C are lecture/discussion courses in which students must enroll concurrently with the internship. The course has been specifically designed to provide the student with the experience of being in a child care setting. The class focuses on concepts, issues, and research in applied developmental psychology relating to the ongoing field experiences of the students.

The ADP internship engages students in at least 86 hours per quarter assisting in the care of children and in the maintenance of a safe, healthy and high quality childcare environment (8 hours per week for academic-year, including during finals week; 15 hours per week during summer sessions). By participating first hand in child care centers throughout the community, students gain a better understanding of the knowledge they learn inside the classroom.

Please Note: Psychology 134A/134D, 134B/134E and 134C are to be taken in consecutive quarters. The lecture/discussion portion of the course is 3 hours per week, taken on a 4 unit, letter grading basis, while the internship component is 8 hours per week (15 hours per week during summer sessions), taken on a 2 unit, P/NP grading basis. Psychology 134A is to be taken concurrently with Psychology 134D and Psychology 134B is to be taken concurrently with Psychology 134E. Psych 134C is continuing fieldwork combined with a lecture and is offered for 4 units on a P/NP grading basis.


If you have earned 150 units or more, you must meet with a College counselor to determine your eligibility for adding the ADP minor. If accepted to the program, the Psychology department will not be able to add the minor to your record until the College approves. If you are nearing 150 units and/or will cross the 150 unit mark the quarter in which you are accepted to the minor, we recommend meeting with a College counselor to get approval to avoid delays in adding the minor to your record.

Internship Placements

As an intern, students are placed at one of 5 pre-approved sites (see below) and are paired with an experienced teacher. Their supervising teacher serves as their guide and mentor throughout the three quarters of their internship. Since the fall 1997, all of our approved ADP internship sites are accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs: the UCLA Megan E. Daly Infant Development Program and the UCLA Early Care and Education Centers.