Where to Go and Why

When to Go to Your College Counseling Unit

A316 Murphy Hall (CAC), A311 Murphy Hall (College Honors), or 1209 Campbell (AAP)

  • To discuss exploring other majors, double majors, or minors.
  • To discuss incomplete General Education requirements.
  • To discuss Expected Cumulative Progress (ECP) rules.
  • To discuss quarterly GPA, cumulative GPA, and repeat policies.
  • To request an increase in study list units or increase in P/NP units for a term.
  • To discuss issues of probation, dismissal, withdrawal, re-admission.
  • To discuss transfer credit and AP credit.
  • To discuss issues on the DPR that are not related to Psychology.

When to Go to the Registrar’s Office

1113 Murphy Hall, open 9-5, Monday-Friday

  • To request an official transcript.
  • To obtain official proof of enrollment for insurance purposes.
  • To declare non-attendance for a term.
  • To file enrollment forms including: cancellation of registration, correction or change of name, nonresident tuition exemption, undergraduate application for simultaneous UC enrollment.
  • To process fee payments including: refunds for withdrawal, dismissal, cancellation or leave of absence, and late registration fee payments.
  • To process enrollment petitions including petitions to drop non-impacted courses.
  • To file graduation forms including: application for duplicate UCLA diploma, declaration of candidacy, request to graduate in absentia, diploma mail request, request for early certification of completion

*Many of these services can be utilized online at www.my.ucla.edu. Refer to https://registrar.ucla.edu/ for a detailed description of the Registrar’s Office services.