Process to Hire a Researcher/Project Scientist

  1. Inform the Academic Personnel Coordinator, Candice Carpio, that you’d like to hire a Researcher/Project Scientist
  2. If the position is paid, a job ad will need to be posted for at least 4 weeks.
  3. Submit a job description that will be used as the job ad
  4. Once the posting has ended, you may hire the applicant of your choice.
  5. Once you have made a choice, you will need to write a PI letter requesting to hire the chosen candidate. If there are multiple applicants, you will need to explain why this candidate is the best for the position. Provide the AP office with the letter which need to include the title, step, salary, percentage, and appointment start date. All initial Researcher/Project Scientists appointments must be at least 1 year in length. Their appointments are usually renewed on an annual basis. 
  6. If you did not have enough candidates, you may request for the posting to be extended/reopened.
  7. The Chair will need to approve this hire and will need to endorse the PI letter.
  8. Notify your fund manager that you will be hiring a new employee and inform the AP office which FAU needs to be used for salary. The fund manager can assist you in benefits costs.
  9. The AP office will submit the paperwork to the College for approval. Allow at least 2 weeks after the PI letter is received before approval is received.
  10. NOTE: Allow 2 months for the entire process. If you want to hire someone with a start date of July 1 – please let the AP office know by May 1.
  11. If the candidate has any visa needs – additional time will be needed.