UCLA provides several options to purchase goods from vendors and has vendor agreements in place. When ordering, UCLA preferred vendors must first be considered given they provide discounted pricing on items and offer perks such as waived shipping fees. For an extensive list of vendors who have service agreements with the University, see the Vendor Agreements List.

Many Ways to Buy

There are several ways departments can purchase goods. This includes use of various approved purchasing methods such as:

  • Agreements & Blankets (BruinBuy Electronic Catalog/Supplier Site/Vendor Agreement List)
  • Low-Value Orders (LVO’s)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Procurement Cards (P-Cards)

All purchases must be in accordance with policies and procedures set forth by the University.

Tip: When orders above $10,000 for Federally-funded purchases, and $100,000 for non-Federally-funded purchases, the Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification Form must be filled out and included as an attachment with your order along with a quote from the vendor . Please know LVO’s cannot exceed $5,000 per vendor, per day, per account code, excluding transportation costs and sales and/or use tax.

Important! – Purchase of Postage for Business Use: Postage at the University is highly regulated and governed by UC policy.  UCLA Mail, Document and Distribution Services (MDDS) is the central mail unit for the campus.  In order to remain in compliance with UC policy, postage must be purchased through MDDS to be used for University business.  Personal purchase of postage is not allowed. Please contact Areli Lucatero, areli@psych.ucla.edu, if you would like to make stamp purchases for business use.