Layoff Process for Managers & Supervisors

  • When layoff or reduction in time of a career employee for a temporary or indefinite period are necessary due to lack of funds or lack of work, including lack of work due to reorganization, a Layoff Request to Campus Human Resources is required before notifying the employee
  • Depending on the Bargaining Unit, UC policies require advance notification to the employee, therefore you must notify personnel 4 months in advance or asap
  • Provide a Letter of Justification: The order of layoff of employees in the same classification* within a department or layoff unit is based on seniority; special skills, knowledge, or abilities that are essential to perform the job functions and to meet the department’s operational needs; and job performance and/or evidence of discipline in the two-year period prior to selection for layoff. The department shall identify the relative weight assigned to each of the factors under consideration, with the concurrence of the appropriate administrator at the organization/school level, and:
    • i. determine if there are any affected individuals possessing special skills, knowledge, or abilities to perform certain functions which are essential to the job and to the department’s operations;
    • ii. determine whether all affected employees are performing equally;
    • iii. determine whether disciplinary action has been taken against any affected employees in the two-year period preceding the decision to implement layoffs; and,
    • iv. prepare a separate ” Letter of Justification” documenting the rationale used for retaining each employee out of seniority order.
      • *Same Classification will affect other labs in the department

Layoff & Reduction in Time for Professional & Support Staff Career Positions (Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPMS))

Layoff Request Form

Layoff FAQs