Payroll Calendar The Payroll Calendar shows all pay periods, pay dates, holidays, deduction holidays, and accrual dates, and it is available for download here:

Biweekly Payroll Calendar – 2024

Monthly Payroll Calendar – 2024

Pay for Holidays

Employees who work a variable schedule may be eligible for some hours of holiday pay. The holiday pay is calculated on the number of hours worked in the previous two biweekly pay periods prior to the holiday according to the Campus Human Resources’ Holiday Pay Table.

Pay for Jury Duty

Not all UCLA employees remain on pay status while serving Jury Duty. For a chart of pay eligibility, please visit Campus Human Resources’ Jury Duty at a Glance.

Vacation Accruals

Eligible employees accrue vacation based on the number of working hours in the month (for monthly paid employees) multiplied by a leave accrual factor. For biweekly paid employees, the leave accrual factor is multiplied by the number of hours worked in a quadriweekly cycle (two biweekly pay cycles). The leave accrual factor is determined by the years of service and the Personnel Program/Group. For more information, please see the Campus Human Resources’ Vacation Employment Service Accrual Chart.

Employee Service Credit & Vacation Accruals Adjustment

Employment service credit determines service credit for the purpose of vacation accrual and service award eligibility. The University provides paid vacation leave to eligible staff employees who are appointed at 50% or more of full time for six or more months. The amount of vacation earned increases with the length of service. For more information, please visit Campus Human Resources’ Vacation Accrual & Service Awards.

Sick Leave Accrual

Sick leave accrual is in proportion to the percentage of time worked — full-time staff earn one eight-hour day each month (up to 12 days maximum per year) with no overall limit. Sick leave accruals may convert to service credit for purposes of retirement — see section IV Retirement Plans, University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP).