Steps Involved in the Offer and Hiring Process

  • Initiate compensation approval process FOR ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF by informing CAO, Sabrina Lux of the selected candidate and make a request for a salary offer you wish to make, including a justification for the salary you are recommending. FOR RESEARCH STAFF, work with Rachelle Reamkitkarn who will review or recommend alternative wage level after checking for internal parity. All compensation request must be approved by the UCLA College of Letters and Science through CAO and AP & HR Manager before an offer is made. You will be informed of approval by the HR Manager.

Please Note due to Assembly Bill 168, employers are prohibited from inquiring into an applicant’s salary history, effective January 1, 2018.

  • Obtain offer letter template from Department AP & HR Manager. Prepare offer letter and send to applicant, requesting that he/she sign and date the offer and return to you within 3 working days if the terms are acceptable. Please be certain that the start date is not only mutually agreeable between you and the candidate but also that at least 10 working days are afforded to permit the completion of the background check PRIOR TO THE START DATE and as required by UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members, PPSM 21, Selection and Appointment.
  • If your selected candidate is already employed by your own administrative or department unit, by UCLA, or another UC campus, a background check is still required. If you have questions regarding this requirement, please contact Rachelle or reference PPSM – 21, pp. 12/16 –13/16.
  • Once the applicant signs, dates, and returns the offer letter to you, scan and send a copy of that acceptance letter to Rachelle and copy Michelle Claudio, HR Coordinator to permit the rapid scheduling of the background check and preparing for aspects of the onboarding process overseen by Human Resources, which includes providing the new employee instructions related to I-9 requirements, new hire paperwork, new hire/transfer/rehire appointment entries in UCPath, New Employee Orientation, payroll processing, prior service credits (if applicable), and benefits Enrollment.