Employee & Labor Relations

Employee Resources

Employee & Labor Relations: CHR’s Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) unit works to enhance the relationship between the University and Campus employees by providing direction and guidance on unions, policies, agreements, and more.

UCLA’s Staff and Faculty Counseling Center (SFCC): fosters a productive and supportive work environment for all employees. Discover the wide range of services available, such as confidential counseling for employees and their family members, management consultation, coaching, training, retreat facilitation, work-life programs, support groups and community resource referrals. SFCC Brochure

Title IX Office: Title IX prohibits sex or gender discrimination in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. The Title IX office takes reports of gender discrimination, including allegations of sexual harassment and sexual violence. All reports, inquiries and questions can be directed to the Title IX Office at titleix@conet.ucla.edu, or by calling (310) 206-3417. The Title IX Office is available to consult and provide advice to anyone in the UCLA community regarding rights and responsibilities under Title IX as well as policies and procedures.

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UC Whistleblower Policy: The University of California has a responsibility to conduct its affairs ethically and in compliance with the law. If you suspect that a UC employee is engaged in improper governmental activities, you should know that UC has policies that can show you how to “blow the whistle” and can protect you from retaliation if the need arises. This website provides important information for employees and supervisors about the whistleblower policies.

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Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT): This team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of representatives from Campus Counsel, Staff & Faculty Counseling, Insurance & Risk Management, UCLA Police Department and Employee & Labor Relations dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment for all and enforcing the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy. The team depends on referrals and reviews and discusses situations involving faculty, staff and others that have raised concern they may be at risk of harming themselves or others or pose a significant disruption to the campus environment. These behaviors include words or actions of concern or intended to intimidate others. All behaviors of concern should also be reported to the human resources teamBIT Brochure                                     

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Staff Diversity & Compliance Office: To file a complaint of discrimination with the Staff Diversity & Compliance office, please email StaffDiversity@chr.ucla.edu or call (310) 794-0691.        

Discrimination Prevention Office (DPO): DPO investigates reports of discrimination or harassment based on race, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, and other categories protected by law and University policy.

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Office of Ombuds Services: The Office of Ombuds Services is a place where members of the UCLA community–students, faculty, staff and administrators–can go for assistance in resolving conflicts, disputes or complaints on an informal basis. In order to afford visitors the greatest freedom in using its services, the Office is independent, neutral and confidential. To contact the Ombuds office, please email them at ombuds@conet.ucla.edu

Collective Bargaining Agreements                        

Bargaining Units & Contracts: The University of California works hard to build professional relations and negotiate fair agreements with the 15 unions that represent more than 77,000 of our employees. The university is committed to providing some of the most attractive compensation, benefits and opportunities available that make it an employer of choice. You will find details of current negotiations and existing employment contracts with each bargaining unit.

UC Personnel Policies for Non-Represented Staff Members

Personnel Policies for Staff Member (PPSM): This manual contains the university wide personnel policies that apply to staff members at the University of California not covered by the union.