Roles and Assignments are Not Permitted to:

  • Include any type of training and/or practicum activity in which a professional certificate, degree (ex. MD), or license will be involved.
  • Replace or supplant a paid position (including work-study or part-time paid positions).
  • Full-time or long-term assignments.
  • Resemble any type of training, clinical work, medical services, or work that the volunteer may expect monetary compensation in the future (i.e. trial periods before being hired, to start working before being hired, or to perform unpaid work or services until being hired). 
  • Have shifts that are on an “on-call” or sporadic basis. Shifts for an assignment should be consistent and predictable (i.e. weekly, biweekly basis, etc.)
  • In accordance with provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act that govern the service of public sector employees, current or former University of California employees may not perform hours of volunteer service in the same capacity as their regular duties or perform the same types of services they perform as part of their jobs.
  • The Inviting Supervisor must be a current Career Employee of UCLA (Must not be a Work-Study, Per Diem/Temporary, Retired, Contractors, Casual/Restricted, or Float Pool Employee).