Hazardous Waste Pick-ups & Schedule

Applicable Buildings: Only buildings that are listed are allowed to drop off waste at the locations in which they are associated. Do NOT cross streets with waste. If your building is not listed below, please call the Hazardous Waste Line at (310) 206-1887 for pick-up times.

Routine Waste Only: The listed pick-ups are for routinely generated chemical waste only. Call the Hazardous Waste Line at (310) 206-1887 with any questions.

Young Hall: The first half of the pick up is for solvent bulking only. Non-bulk containers must be brought down during the second half of the pick-up.

Waste NOT Accepted: No medical wastes (pathological or biohazard) (310) 794-7745; no radioactive wastes (310) 825-5396; and no controlled substances will be accepted 310) 794-5143, (310) 794-1664 can be accepted at chemical waste pick up.

Biological Hazardous Waste and Radioactive Hazardous Waste is NOT picked up by the Hazardous Waste Team.

For General Inquires call (310) 206-1887 or email hazardousmaterials@ehs.ucla.edu

Hazardous Waste Pick-Up Schedule

Printable Hazardous Waste Pick-Up Schedule (PDF)