Primary Retirement Benefits

UC Retirement Benefits: UC offers a comprehensive array of retirement benefits, savings programs and educational and counseling resources to help you plan for retirement. Participation in one of the options is required, but you have to make an election based on the one plan that’s right for you. You have up to 90 days from day of eligibility date (usually your hire date) to enroll in a Retirement program. The sooner you enroll, the sooner contributions begin.

Although you have a bit more time to make this choice, it’s a good idea to start learning about your options right away. UC offers all sorts of resources to help, including classes and one-on-one counseling. When you’re ready, enroll online at UC’s contributions will begin, and your contributions will begin to be deducted from your paycheck, after you have made your selection (usually within one to two pay periods).

IMPORTANT: If you don’t take action during this 90-day period, you will be automatically enrolled in Pension Choice, which includes a pension benefit through the UC Retirement Program (UCRP). Enrollment in Pension Choice is irrevocable – you may not choose another option later.