Inviting supervisors will provide potential volunteer the volunteer forms.


  • Must Clear Online UBS background check before work may be done.
    • Background check fee can range from $44 – $55; and, will be charged to PI/Supervisor’s funding.
    • Please provide the HR Coordinator with the needed FAU, along with the completed volunteer forms.
  • Approved Scope of Duties forms are valid up to 2 years and must be renewed. 
  • Volunteers must adhere to current UCLA Health COVID Guidelines and Protocols such as masking, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and any updated requirements (i.e. Booster, etc.).
  • Maximum volunteer hours is 15 hours per week.
  • Minor (15 -17 years of age) volunteer will need permission from their parents or legal guardian and approval from OIRM before any volunteer service may be done.
    • Minor volunteers will also need to complete the EH&S Online Course – Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts Training, and provide the HR Office their Certificate of Completion (as this will also need to be submitted to OIRM with the request for volunteer appointment approval).
    • The Worksafe online learning management system is generally accessible to anyone, with or without a 9-digit UID#. In this case you will need to create a temporary UCLA Log-on ID containing 12 characters or fewer, to login to the system using SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication. You may create a temporary UCLA Logon ID at the following link:
    • Volunteers must be within the local area and be able to come for onsite volunteering (under supervision).
    • ALL duties and responsibilities must be within their approved Scope of Duties form. Any changes or additions to their role and duties must be reviewed for approval by the HR Office in order to perform new duties.