March 2022 IIPP Information

Effective DateOct 2010, Rev. Apr 2013, Rev. Apr 2014; Rev. May 2015; Rev. Jul 2016; Rev. Aug 2017; Rev. Oct 2018; Rev. Oct 2019; Rev. Oct 2020
DepartmentL&S Psychology
Department HeadAnnette Stanton
Safety Coordinator(s) or liaison(s)Alicia Espinosa
Ergo AdvocateAlicia Espinosa
Safety Related ItemsPsychology Building 1243D

Location of safety meeting minutes

Psychology Building 1243D

 Location of “Employee Safety Recommendation” forms

 Psychology Building 1243D
Location of training and other safety-related items
Rachelle Reamkitkam, Psychology Building 1257A – Personnel Services

 Person who assists injured employees with appropriate paperwork

Buildings occupied by this department: This section will assist you in ensuring that all your staff members are trained on the appropriate Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans. (For off campus buildings, write the physical address of the building. Do not include buildings used only for storage.)

1.   Building name or address
Pritzker Hall, Psychology Bldg., Franz Hall
Building Contact and phone #
Alicia Espinosa, x51931
2.   Building name or address
Fernald Child Care Center
Building Contact and phone #
Patrice Winn, x60633