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Award Management

Q: I’m new to the department and am not too familiar with proposal submissions. Where can I find information on what is needed for my proposal?

A: Our Contract and Grant Management page contains step-by-step instructions on how to get started on your proposal submission. You can also refer to the “Related Links” section under Contract and Grant Management.

Q: Who is our Office of Contracts and Grants Representative?

A: Our OCGA Grants representative is

Evan Garcia, Contract and Grant Officer
Department ORA – OCGA
Address 11000 Kinross Bldg Ste 211
Mail Code 140607
Admin Code 3090
Phone 310-983-3529

Our OCGA Contracts representative is:

Bailey, Miesha K, Contract & Grant Officer
Department ORA – OCGA
Address 11000 Kinross Bldg. Ste 211
Phone 310-794-0259

Our OIP Contracts representative is:

Wrobel, Kathleen, Material Transfer Administrator and Industry Contract Officer
Department OIP-ISR
Address 11000 Kinross Bldg., Ste 200
Phone 310-794-0401
Fax 310-794-1497

Q: What is the difference between EFM and OCGA?

A: EFM (Extramural Fund Management office) provides financial management support of sponsored project funds for the UCLA research community. This includes: financial reporting, invoicing, cash management, accounts receivable management, effort reporting, cost transfers, unallowable expenses, and fund closeouts. OCGA (Office of Contracts and Grants Administration), performs 4 major roles: proposal review, proposal submission, award negotiation, award acceptance. OCGA handles a large variety of post-award issues including formal requests for re-budgeting, no-cost extensions, and changes in Principal Investigator, whereas, EFM establishes award accounts after award acceptance by OCGA and handles payments and allowability of cost questions/issues throughout the period of the award.

Orders & Reimbursements

Q: When will my order/payment request be processed?

A: Your order will processed within 48-hours. Please note, during high-volume periods from to time we experience a delay in processing orders within our 48-hour time frame. We appreciate your patience during those peak periods.

Q: When will I receive my reimbursement?

A: Orders and reimbursement are processed within 48 hours. Once it is sent to AP (Accounts Payable), it may take up to 30 business days. During peak processing periods, the central AP office may experience a delay in handling reimbursement requests. Your patience is greatly appreciated during those peak periods.

Q: Can I give my orders to my fund manager?

A: Yes, your order may be given to your fund manager. However, it is preferred that orders, payments and reimbursement requests are left in the tray located at the entrance of our office for faster processing. We do ask that all forms be time-stamped before they are turned in.

Travel & Entertainment

Q: How do I get reimbursed for travel or a business meeting?

A: Please refer to the “Travel and Purchasing” section under Orders and Reimbursements for more details.

Q: Will I receive my travel reimbursement in the form of a check or EFT (electronic funds transfer)?

A: This depends on the manner in which you receive your payroll check. Meaning, if you receive your monthly salary payment via check, your reimbursements will also be sent via check. If you receive your monthly salary payment via EFT, you will also receive your reimbursement via EFT.

General Questions

Q: How do I contact someone in the business office?

A: Please refer to our Financial Services home page for staff contact information.

Q: I have a deposit for petty cash. Where do I turn in the cash and receipts?

A: Cash and receipts for petty cash should be turned in to your assigned fund manager. (Please see fund manager/PI list on our Financial Services home page.) For more information on petty cash procedures, please refer to our “Petty Cash” section under Orders and Reimbursements.

Q: When will my cash deposit be processed?

A: Deposits are processed once a week on Thursdays. You may follow up with your fund manager to inquire on the status of your deposit.

Q: What is the difference between room 1283 and 1283A?

A: Room 1283 is the Psychology Business Office. Room 1283A is the Personnel Office (next to the Business Office).

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