Volunteer Guidelines

Faculty and PIs inviting individuals to volunteer (Non-UCLA Students) through the UCLA Psychology Department should review the following Volunteer Guidelines to ensure that the proposed activities and roles are in compliance with UCLA policies and guidelines before sending the invitation to volunteers.

A UCLA Volunteer is an individual who meets the following criteria:

(1) volunteers services directly to the University, whether on an ad hoc basis or through a formal volunteer program conducted by a University department or unit

(2) provides services under the supervision of the University

(3) receives no compensation for such services

(4) is authorized to provide volunteer services in campus facilities by registering through the appropriate department or unit. For more information on the criteria, restrictions, and application process of volunteers, see UCLA Administrative Guidelines for the Use of Volunteers.

Individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to the University provide an important service to the University and help further its mission of teaching, research, and public service. In turn, volunteers gain valuable experiences and a sense of personal satisfaction.

Current UCLA student volunteers do not need to submit volunteer paperwork.

Please contact the Department’s Human Resources Specialist to initiate your volunteer’s paperwork.