Chairs’ Office

The Department of Psychology Chair’s Office serves as the department’s liaison with the rest of the UCLA community and with the general public, becoming involved in all of the issues that affect department faculty and students, and the department as a whole. Some of the matters handled by the Chair’s Office include the following:

  • Alumni outreach and development
  • Department sponsored events
  • Operational budgetary and financial management
  • Program review
  • Recruitment and retention issues
  • Strategic planning


Annette L. Stanton, Professor and Chair
1257D Psychology Building


Sabrina Lux
Chief Administrative Officer
1257D Psychology Building
Zoom Meeting ID: 3108252618
Work Schedule:
In-person: M-Th
Remote: Friday

Susie Caruso
Chair’s Office Analyst
1257D Psychology Building
Work Schedule:
Remote: M-F, 7:30am-4:30pm

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