California Residency

Students must petition in person at the Registrar’s Office for a change of classification from nonresident to resident status. All changes of status must be initiated prior to the first day of class for the term for which the student intends to be reclassified. California law requires that financial independence be included among the factors considered when students seek reclassification. Students who are financially dependent in the current and preceding calendar years will be considered California residents for reclassification purposes only if no factors exist which give evidence of their continuing residence in another state. Financial independence will not be considered for graduate students who are teaching assistants, research assistants, or teaching associates employed at 49 percent time or more.

Childbirth Accommodation Fund

The UCLA Childbirth Accommodation Fund was established to provide expectant mothers who work as GSRs, or hold fellowships that do not fund maternity leave, with paid leave for up to six weeks. A student may choose to continue to work in some modified capacity during these six weeks, but is not required to do so. A longer period of leave may be granted, without pay, in the case of exceptional medical circumstances experienced by the mother or child before or after birth. For more information, visit

FICA Exception

Students who are enrolled half-time (six units during a given quarter; two units during the summer), and work less than 80% time are exempt from FICA withholdings. Nonresident aliens on F or J visas are exempt from FICA withholdings until they qualify as a U.S. resident for tax purposes.


There are no paid holidays for academic apprentice personnel.

Jury Duty

Academic Student Employees are eligible to receive pay while serving on jury duty. GSRs are not eligible for pay while serving, which is often a reason to request postponement of service. It is the GSRs responsibility to seek an excuse from service. The University can do no more than assist in those cases by supplying a letter describing the nature of the financial hardship.


Academic apprentice personnel are permitted to have preferred staff parking, provided they are appointed for at least 49% time. For more information, visit the Transportation Services web site.


Academic apprentice personnel are exempt from the University of California Retirement System/Social Security coordinated plan. However, Medicare deductions and Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) Safe Harbor Contributions will occur for apprentices with aggregate appointments of greater than 50% time.

Vacation and Sick Leave

A. Academic student employees are appointed on a 9-month basis and are not eligible to accrue vacation or sick leave credit.

B. In most cases, GSRs are appointed on an 11-month basis. Such appointments, when less than 50 percent time, are not eligible to accrue vacation or sick leave credit. GSRs at 50 percent time or more appointed for twelve consecutive months accrue vacation but not sick leave. Accrued leave may be taken after six consecutive months of service.