Purchasing, Travel & Reimbursements

Need to order supplies and equipment for your lab? Want to receive reimbursement for a recent business trip? Each section provided under the Purchasing, Travel & Reimbursements link will addresses the options available to buy goods and services, how to receive reimbursement for business travel to providing guidance on University payment and reimbursement procedures. 

Purchasing, Travel & Reimbursements Request Forms

All requests must have the proper form completed prior to submission. These forms include: 

PAC Order Form (use for requesting general office supplies, lab supplies and requests for services)

Travel Reimbursement Form

Entertainment Reimbursement (use for reimbursement of business meeting/lab activity expenses that include the purchase of food)

Food order form (use to request purchase of food for business meeting/lab activity)

Reimbursement Form

Purchasing, Travel & Reimbursements Submission Protocol

All purchasing, travel, and reimbursement requests are received, reviewed and processed by the Psychology Business Office. 

All requests must be either hand delivered to the business office during office hours or submitted via email to psych-orders@psych.ucla.edu.  The PI or Administrator responsible for the account being charged must sign the hard copy form or if submitting via email, the PI must be carbon copied on each email request.  If the PI or Administrator do not approve of the request for orders submitted electronically, they must respond by the following business day in order to prevent the order from being placed. 

All emailed requests should format the subject line as follows: Cost Center, Request Type, Payee/Requestor Name (first and last). Example: JB, Office Depot Request, Josephine Bruin. Following this format will help your fund manager track an order should there be any questions.  

Processing Timeframe for Submitting Requests 

Fully completed requests will be processed within 72 hours from the received date (again, this only applies to requests that are fully completed and do not require additional information for processing). For requests that require misssing and/or additional information to be provided, please expect additional processing time of your request. Additionally, during high-volume periods of the unit, you will experience a delay in processing from our regular 72-hour time frame. We greatly appreciate your patience during these peak periods. 


Important! - Purchase of Postage for Business Use: Postage at the University is highly regulated and governed by UC policy.  UCLA Mail, Document and Distribution Services (MDDS) is the central mail unit for the campus.  In order to remain in compliance with UC policy, postage must be purchased through MDDS to be used for University business.  Personal purchase of postage is not allowed. Please contact Areli Lucatero, areli@psych.ucla.edu, if you would like to make stamp purchases for business use.