Orders & Reimbursements

Need to order supplies and equipment for your lab? Want to receive reimbursement for a recent business trip? This section addresses payments for goods and services to vendors as well as guidance on University payment and reimbursement procedures.

Orders and Reimbursements

All orders and reimbursements are processed by the Business Office. 

All orders and reimbursements must be submitted via email to psych-orders@psych.ucla.edu.  The PI or Administrator responsible for the account being charged must be carbon copied on each request that is submitted.  If the PI or Administrator do not approve of the request, they must respond by the following business day in order to prevent the order from being placed. 

Please format the subject line on all order as follows: Cost Center, Request Type, Payee Name (first and last).  Following this format will help your fund manager track an order should there be any questions. 


For all orders, please fill out and email the PAC Order Form  to psych-orders@psych.ucla.edu with the following:

  • All sections of the form filled out entirely
  • Verify that FAU (account number) is accurate
  • Include the authorizing PI/Administrator as a carbon copy

Food orders, please fill out Food order form and submit to psych-orders@psych.ucla.edu with the following:

  • All sections of the form filled out entirely
  • Verify that FAU (account number) is accurate
  • Include the authorizing PI/Administrator as a carbon copy
  • A guest list with full name and UCLA affiliation

Tip: When orders are above $5,000 a Sole Source Request form must be filled out and include it as an attachment with your order.

Important! - Purchase of Postage for Business Use: Postage at the University is highly regulated and governed by UC policy.  UCLA Mail, Document and Distribution Services (MDDS) is the central mail unit for the campus.  In order to remain in compliance with UC policy, postage must be purchased through MDDS to be used for University business.  Personal purchase of postage is not allowed. Please contact Areli Lucatero, areli@psych.ucla.edu, if you would like to make stamp purchases for business use.


Use of employee's personal funds and reimbursements for procurement of goods or services is discouraged.   Please note, not all purchase of items are reimbursable.  Before incurring a personal expense, please consult with either your fund manager to verify whether you may be reimbursed for the item/s. 

For Employee Reimbursements, please fill out the Reimbursement Form and email it to psych-orders@psych.ucla.edu with the following:

  • All sections of the form filled out entirely
  • Verify that FAU (account number) is accurate
  • Include the authorizing PI/Administrator as a carbon copy
  • PDF copy of receipts
  • Proof of payment, if not reflected in the receipts that are submitted. 

For NON-Employee Reimbursements, please fill out the Reimbursement Form and provide in hard copy form to your fund manager with the following:  

  • All sections of the form filled out entirely
  • Verify that FAU (account number) is accurate
  • Signature (digital or handwritten) must be included on the form
  • Original receipts attached to an  8/12 x 11 sheet of paper
  • Proof of payment, if not reflected in the receipts that are submitted.

Note: Accounts payable requires that documents related to non-employee reimbursements be submitted in original, hard copy form.  Please note this distinction in order to avoide delays in processing.

With the release of LVO policy 741 Policy 741, a $1000 limit has been established for reimbursements for purchases other than travel, entertainment, conference registrations, and tuition reimbursement. 

Before using a personal credit card, consider the following....

Many Ways to Buy

Departments may purchase good and services using various approved methods, including:

  • Low-Value Orders (LVO's)
  • Procurement Cards (P-Cards)
  • BruinBuy Electronic Catalog/Supplier Site purchases
  • Purchase Orders


UCLA has vendor agreements in place for the purchase of goods and services.  When ordering, please consider UCLA preferred vendors first. http://staff.purchasing.ucla.edu/Portal/app/agreements/agreementsummary.aspx

If the vendor listed on the PAC form is not in the UCLA system, please have the vendor complete the UCLA Substitute W-9 form.  Once the form is complete, please email it to psych-orders@psych.ucla.edu

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Business Travel & Entertainment

Reimbursements for Business Travel and entertainment expenses are also handled in the Business Office.  

Travel Reimbursements should also be submtited to psych-orders@psych.ucla.edu

For Travel Reimbursement Form and Entertainment Reimbursement, please turn in with the following:

  • Please fill out all sections of the form applicable to your trip/business function
  • Verify that FAU (account number) is accurate
  • Signature (digital or handwritten) must be included on the form
  • Receipts must be attached

General Travel Information

  • Travelers are required to use the most economical mode of transportation. 
  • UCLA has negotiated preferred rates with various airlines and international carriers.  Rates are extended only to UCLA business travelers and must be booked through the UCLA Travel center via phone, reservation request form, or email: UCLA Travel Center (310) 206-2639, travel@finance.ucla.edu
  • If you would like to use your contract or grant funding to pay for your travel, please specify that with the travel agent at time of booking.  The travel agent will forward the itinerary to your assigned fund manager and a PTA (Pre-Trip Authorization) will be created for the airfare.
  • Claims must be submitted to the Business Office as soon as possible but no more than 30 days after the end of a trip. If claims are submitted after 30 days then a business justification memo must be submitted explaining the late submission.
  • Reimbursements submitted after 6 months also need a business justification memo and will be reported to payroll and imputed as employee income.
  • Privately-owned vehicles are allowed to be used for official university business.   Travelers may claim mileage for travel actually incurred, either en route to and from the travel destination or to and from a common carrier terminal (this does not include mileage between home and the University).
  • The standard reimbursement rate per mile is $0.54 in conformance with the IRS.
  • Domestic meals and incidental expenses are reimbursed on an actual basis, subject to a limit for each full day on travel status. Meal reimbursements are unallowed for less than a 24 hour overnight stay travel period. The daily maximum meal reimbursement limit is $62 per day.
  • The meal and incidental expense cap is not to be treated as a per diem.  Receipts shall be required if traveler routinely claims max rate.  No exceptions shall be made to the M&IE cap.
  • Domestic lodging expenses are reimbursed on the amount actually incurred. Please include an original itemized hotel receipt, not just the credit card receipt.
  • Domestic lodging is not reimbursable if the lodging site is within a 50-mile radius of the traveler's residence or office.
  • Foreign travel shall be reimbursed in accordance with the Federal Maximum Travel Per Diem Allowances for Foreign Areas published by the Department of State.  Per Diem rates can be obtained by visiting the Travel Services website listed in the "related links" section below.
  • Registration fees for conferences, conventions, meetings of professional or learned societies, or community organizations are processed through the UCLA Travel Center. Such fees are only  reimbursable post-conference/convention/meetings and can be pre-paid. 
  • Expenses for official entertainment may be defrayed from various University fund sources such as State Funds, Contract and Grant funds and Non-State Funds. 
  • Alcoholic beverages or tobacco purchases may not be charged to State Funds, or Federal Funds (Contracts or Grants).
  • The maximum rates for entertainment expenses per person are: Breakfast $27, Lunch $47, Dinner $81, Light Refreshments $19
  • Documentation requirements for entertainment expenses include : list of attendees, relationship of the attendees to the University and purpose or the nature of the event.

Receipts are required for the following:

  • Airline expenses
  • Lodging expenses incurred for domestic travel (itemized charges)
  • Rental car expenses (itemizes charges)
  • Entertainment expenses (itemized charges)
  • Local transportation costing $74 or more
  • Misc. expenses of $75 or more
  • Gifts provided to a host costing $25 or more
  • Registration fees (an agenda, or other supporting documentation must to submitted with registration fees)
  • Any reimbursement item not specified above costing $75 or more.

Missing Original Receipts

When original receipts are required but cannot be obtained or have been lost and all measures to obtain duplicate have been exhausted, a statement should be provided explaining why such receipts are not being submitted with the expense report.  The statement must include a certification that the amount shown is the amount actually paid and the traveler has not and will seek reimbursement from any other source.

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Who can be paid as a consultant?  Non-University person or organization for a specific service provided.

Purchasing requires the following documents:

Consultants typically invoice after work has been completed, which can be monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the terms between the consultant and faculty.  The invoice must contain the following information:

  • It must state "Invoice"
  • Date of invoice, as well as dates of service for payment requested
  • Name and address of consultant
  • PO number

If an invoice is submitted by an individual or company who was not initially set-up as an official consultant, an After-the-Fact Justification form must be filled out and turned in to Purchasing along with the above forms.  The Chancellor must sign the form before it is forwarded to Purchasing.  In addition, a separate internal form will need to be filled out in Psychology.

  • For International consultants who complete work in the US: In addition to the steps above, the consultant must also complete the Glacier process online
  • For International consultants who complete work outside the US, no additional steps are necessary.

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Research Human Subject Disbursement Request (Formerly Petty Cash)

In an effort to remain compliant with the Office of Payment Solutions & Compliance and UC BUS-49, Policy for Cash Handling and Cash Equivalents, below are a few friendly reminders pertaining to the use and handling of research human subject disbursement funds:

  • Expenses paid from a Research Human Subject Disbursement can only be made for the purpose for which fund was authorized and must be supported by receipts. An excel spreadsheet must be supplied to the Business Office for replenishment or within 90 days of disbursement, whichever occurs first.
  • When not in use, the fund currency must be placed in a safe or a locked receptacle, which is kept in a properly secured area. Storing of cash is based on the following cash limits:
    • Up to $1,000 in a lockable receptacle
    • From $1,001 to $2,500 in a safe
    • From $2,501 to $25,000 in a steel door safe, with a door thickness of not less than 1 inch and wall thickness of not less than ½ inch.
  • Before requesting payment, there must be a current IRB approval number on file with the Office of Human Research Protection Program (OHRPP). Disbursement type (cash, gift card, or Bruincard deposit) must match the current IRB approval number on file with OHRPP or the request will be denied.
  • Cash will only be released to the authorized personnel(s) and PI identified on the form.  Authorized personnel(s) must be active UCLA employees.
  • A delivery fee of $8.50 for on-campus and $14.00 for off-campus will be assessed for each request.
  • The maximum disbursement at one time if $5,000. Requests for more than $5,000 at one time may require additional time for review and approval.
  • Any unused cash can be deposited and credited to your account. When bringing deposits to the Business Office, cash must be physically handed to a Fund Manager or the Financial Manager.
    Please do not leave cash on desks, in-boxes, mail slots etc. Cash must be counted in dual custody – Fund Manager and PCF custodian .
  • In the event of a theft, the loss must be reported to the campus police immediately, at ext. 51491.


Purchasing Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased for the purpose of distributing to employees and human subjects, all of which have a distinct procedure. A gift card order will be assessed a delivery fee of $10.05 for on-campus and $15.55 for off-campus.

Gift Card Types:

Preferred gift cards include:

Amazon, Kroger, Starbucks, and Target. Denominations vary based upon the vendor: Gift Card Types. There are no processing or shipping fees if gift cards are ordered from the preferred vendor list. Any unused gift cards can be returned to the Business Office and a credit will be posted to your account.

Non-Preferred Gift Cards include:

Shell, Mobil, Chevron, and Ralphs. These vendors charge varying shipping and processing fees per order and may take up to 4 weeks for processing. Unused non-preferred gift cards may not be returned for a credit.

 Note: Gift cards are considered the same as cash and required the same level of security. A designated custodian must be identified and the cards secured in keeping with UC Business and Finance Bulleting BUS-49. To further explain, BUS-49 Policy IX.5 states that each campus shall use lockable receptacles or burglarproof/fire resistant safes to store cash based on the following cash limits:

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New to the Psychology Department?  Want a brief overview of the travel, ordering and reimbursement protocols?  If so, please contact your fund manager to schedule a meeting. 

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