Lab Policies and Guidelines

Information related to the Computer Labs including: reservations, usage guidelines, hardware and software policies, security and maintenance, cancellation policy, and special requests


During the academic year, the department tries to keep at least one lab open for drop-in use between 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday. Labs may be reserved for instructional purposes Monday through Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. Please check "hours and reservations" web page for the most current display of availability.

Lab Reservations

Reservations are required for instructional use of any of the computer labs. Instructors, please make your reservation at least 1 month in advance to ensure that you get the date and time and lab that you require. Reservations must be made by instructors, not TAs or students to ensure appropriate use. Priority reservations will be given to Psychology instructors and for undergraduate courses. If you would like to make a reservation, please see our lab reservations page. When your reservation is confirmed please make a short appointment (about 15 minutes) with the technical lab manager to go over in person, the login procedures, use of the overhead display unit, printer functions, etc.

Lab Usage Guidelines

The labs are funded in part by IEI fees collected from undergraduate Life and Physical Science students and therefore, we are obliged to follow the policies and conditions of use given to us by the College of Letters and Science. The fees are part of the College's Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IEI), which are intended to serve as funding to improve technology related to undergraduate instruction. Two of the conditions of accepting funding are:

  • The department is to ensure that the labs are for the exclusive use of undergraduate students either majoring or taking a class in the Life or Physical Sciences;
  • The department is to use these labs (as opposed to others on campus) to teach organized, scheduled classes in Psychology.
  • To expand the usefulness of the labs, we do have approval from the College to allow Psychology Department graduate students and other approved guests to work in the labs at the department's discretion.

Please be aware that the policy does not allow reservation of the labs for independent research funded activities, testing, sampling, or other purposes unrelated to a specific undergraduate course need. They may be used for one time training sessions or weekly class meetings where computers are needed for the purpose of demonstration.

Hardware & Software Policy

The Information Technology unit will have the advertised number of machines working and ready when you arrive for your class. Please see the Lab Software and Hardware web page for the number and type of machines, and software installed on them for reference.

Special Cases

All lab computers are configured similarly to allow for easy re-location of classes or quick replacement of troubled machines. In addition we must comply with all manufacturer-licensing requirements. We discourage customization of individual workstations. However, if a class does request customizations such as:

  • the use of a software application that is not already available (installed),
  • the ability to distribute files from the workstation's or server's hard drive,
  • the saving of data on the workstations or server (versus on a floppy or zip drive),

we will try to accommodate that request.

Reservations requesting customization will be considered "pending" and not confirmed until a needs assessment meeting is held. The technical lab manager will coordinate a needs assessment meeting with the instructor and a technical support representative to go over details of the pending class reservation requirements. Please provide us with the necessary program or file at this meeting, at least two weeks prior to the first reservation session. The Psychology Computing Labs software policy asks for this two-week time period for acquisition and implementation purposes. This will also allow the instructor time to properly test the application prior to his/her class. Due to the nature of some specialized software applications, we have found this advance planning to be helpful for all parties. PLEASE NOTE: Information Technology is not responsible for any lost data or files that may have been saved on the lab workstations or server by lab users. Please make sure that your students know that they are responsible for caring for (backing up) the data they use for your classes.

Cancellation Policy

Due to high demand for these facilities for both classes and drop-in, please call X67461 to advise us of any cancellations or changes. If your class does not arrive within 20 minutes of the scheduled time, we may open the room up for drop-in unless you notify us in advance.

Lab Security & Maintenance

The Psychology Department assumes responsibility for the safety and security of the computer lab and it's equipment. The Psychology Computing Labs are to remain attended at all times by authorized instructors, lab assistants, and IT staff. Only authorized Psychology employees may open the labs (access codes are never given out). The Lab Operations Specialist will arrange for a lab to be opened approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled time. A Lab Proctor will wait for the instructor to arrive for an additional 20 minutes. If no one shows up within that period, the lab will be closed or opened for drop-ins.

Please help us keep the facility clean and usable for all visitors. All trash and papers must be picked up and recycled or discarded. Chairs must be pushed in and all computers and monitors must be shut down properly. The Lab Proctor will be there to assist with the closing.

If any problems are encountered with software and/or hardware while using the lab, please notify the Lab Proctor or Lab Operations Specialist (x67461) as soon as possible.