Network connectivity, Wireless, File Storage, VPN

Connecting your computer to the network

Rooms in the Psychology Complex typically have at least 2 network connections in them.  If network connections are not working, please submit a helpdesk request.  

Wireless access is available throughout thePsychology Complex.  If you discover an area that does not have wireless coverage, please submit a helpdesk request.

Psychology users are part of the Life Sciences network, which strives to be open and secure at the same time.  The network is periodically scanned for possible security compromises which if found, may result in restricted network access on certain ports.  Please read more about Life Sciences policy on this issue on their security page.

Data File Storage

Users have many options for file storage and sharing.  Use this information to help decide what kind of storage will best meet your needs.

Name Who can use it Where it is hosted Primary/Intended use Method of connection
Phoebe (File Server) Faculty/Staff Life Sciences Computing Permanent space for typical business-related files.  May be shared with other department members.  Backed up daily. Connection instructions
CCLE (Online Courses) Faculty/Staff/Students Center for Advancement of Teaching Course materials, images, readings, presentations, discussions, etc. Web browser
Box Faculty/Staff/Students Cloud (Box) Campus data use agreement for Box Web browser or Box Sync
Google Drive  Faculty/Staff/Students Cloud (Google Apps) Campus data use agreement for Google Apps Web browser or Google Drive
Dropbox  Not allowed for UCLA data. Please use Box or Google Drive       


If you need to access a departmental server or system from off-campus you need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) client.