Some of the software available to department members

Adobe Acrobat

All core administrative staff and certain faculty members are eligible to use Adobe Acrobat through our ETLA (Enterprise Term License Agreement).  This license is paid based on our employee account (FTE).  Home use is allowed, but limited.  Please read and abide by the home use agreement. If you like further information in regards to having Adobe Acrobat installed on your University owned computer, please log a helpdesk request.


Faculty members who pay into our Group license have the ability to install Matlab (at a cost of $155 for new licenses) and/or  the Statistics and Machine learning toolbox ($77 for new licenses) on single, designated computers.  After the initial new purchase annual maintenance fees vary.  if you’d like to purchase one of the licenses from the Group license pool.

Microsoft Windows and Office

All departmental, University owned computers are covered for Windows and Office under our MCCA agreement.  Current versions of Windows and Office can be installed by the Psych IT Help Desk staff.  No additional purchases need to be made for University owned computers.  Under the terms of this agreement Psychology faculty and staff may purchase Office for home use under the Microsoft Home Use Program.


Faculty members who pay into the Department license (approximately $500 per year) may have a Qualtrics account which gives them the ability to run unlimited surveys. Please log a helpdesk request if you’d like to purchase one of the licenses from the Department license pool.


This antivirus software is available from BOL for university and personally owned computers. Department members may install and use it for free. More information may be found here:


The department has 70 concurrent, platform neutral licenses for SPSS. These licenses are intended for use in the computer labs for teaching and/or non-commercial research. Non-Commercial research is defined as "research by degree seeking students and faculty members where:

(i) The results (both analysis and actual data) of such research are not intended primarily for the benefit of a third party; (ii) such results are made available to anyone without restriction on use, copying or further distribution (academic publications excepted); and (iii) any copy of any such result is furnished for no more than the cost of hosting, reproduction , and shipping"

These licenses include: SPSS Statistics Base, Advanced Statistics, and Regression and are for teaching purposes in our computer labs.

Special note on SPSS

Individuals can purchase licenses for themselves or their labs as follows:

VPN Client (available from BOL)

Members of the UCLA community may use the Virtual Private Networking utility available from Bruin OnLine here: this utility will give faculty, staff, and students access to many restricted resources like publications and journals at the UCLA Library.

VPN (available from Life Sciences)

Department members may also request access to the Life Sciences VPN to access other restricted resources. Access to the Life Sciences VPN is limited to staff and faculty members and by special arrangement through our helpdesk.